West Road

Portion of the West Road.

The West Road is a large road that leads to -1000 x and beyond. It is present on the home page of Your World of Text. It consists of two roads, one on the top, one on the bottom. A bit later at around the X: ??? Y: 0 coordinate they both connect to another road that has much more buildings, text, and other things.

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The road and everything related to it was completely removed by someone nicknamed lewis (not to be confused with louis) on 4/27/14. This article remains as a record and documentation of its existence. It got reparied (date unkown) and then destroyed by kellana on 8/6/16. It got repaired by montero in September 2016 and is still here today. In July 2018 Bobzilla made the start of the road closer to spawn, however in doing so, may have accidentally caused many people to try and destroy the road, some going as far as X: -50 and beyond.

Near the start of the road existed a "galaxy" which was a large swath of black unicode characters. People were encouraged to add a "star" each time they passed by. A total of twenty tea-houses existed before X- 500 along with two strip clubs, several magic shops, the Eiffel tower, the space needle, and several vandalised McDonalds.

Many memes are now posted along what used to be the road and someone called haydenwest has made many shops.