The True Diagonal, also known as The Line, is a line that heads south from Spam Central. It goes for 195 X units and 364 Y units until reaching Shabby Towne, where 142 people have updated the town population counter (As of September 2018). The ultimate goal of the line was to reach Shabby Towne, but it continues for another 1300 Y units until reaching the developing city of The Great Unexplored at X:844 Y:-1664. This is the true end of The Line, and only six people have made it there. It is said that reaching the end of The Line gives one infinite wisdom, but this is a myth spread by an unknown source who says this multiple times during the journey.

The Line contains many structures along it, including an overpriced grocery store, an inn, a tavern, and many miscellaneous drawings. The majority of these lie before Shabby Towne; the path afterwords to The Great Unexplored is mostly barren.

List of people who've made it to The Great Unexplored (September, 2018)

  1. Unknown (The creator of the path)
  2. skowie
  3. The Goosh
  4. ioannes
  5. Seschient
  6. TheNev99