In YWoT, many people have many ideas. These are expressed through art, thoughts, or spamming. It is because of the anonymous nature and easily changeable text of the site that inevitably, rumours will spread about. For the sake of keeping this list short, it will only cover myths found on the main page.

Myths that have been proven fakeEdit

-The promised land awaits at X:1000

No such city exists. Instead, X:1000 is Singularity City, a disappointing cluster of three buildings, a pyramid, a gas station, and lots of random text.

- Hayden vandalized the west road

there is no such evidence. if you look at Hayden's timing, he arrived around a week before its destruction. also, past west city kellanna confesses to destroying it

- ~ASG is gay.

~ASG can't be gay anymore, for it is inactive.

DigiBillCipher made it to Y: 1 billion.

I checked with a script. There's nothing there.

Myths that are up for debateEdit

-Secrets of the universe at X:9999 Y:9999

It seems plausible that God himself would grace the earth only to put the holy words in such a remote location, for only the truly dedicated to find.