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The east road was the first road on the main page of YWoT.

The original creator is unknown, but is thought to be Cthulhu or another entity we cannot comprehend. It is suggested that it was the worm killer.

The road went though the Exclamation Mark forest and desert up to X: 3500 and the old road became a dirt path.

On the 15th July 2015 the world was reset. The old road was lost forever.

There are many sub roads near it, including Hayden's lightning and I road, KickTheKurt's E road and other lesser known sub roads.

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On June 25 of 2016 TailsDoll repaired the original road up to X: 10,000, 

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leaving "check-ins" every 100x till 1000, and then one every 500x till 2000, and then one every 1000, A large one at 4000, 5000 and 10,000.

Some time before 11/1/16 a large chunk of this road was destroyed.

Initially, a person spamming communist symbols attempted to stop the project, but with the help of a few others, he was out-spammed and temporarily gave up spawns, however, the battle to keep spawn clear around the road continues to this day.

The road's first major obstacle was going through Spam City, which was difficult, but it was completed.

Next, the road went through Pleasantville, and encountered the ruins of another road there. These ruins were preserved so that the East Road workers could remember those that came before them.

The road has undergone a few revisions since this and it is unknown if this was by EvasiveObject or not.

If you continue down EvasiveObject's road you will come to TailsDoll's road.

As of 11/28/16 the bottom part of TailsDoll's road stops at X: 4500 and it is unknown if it restarts, the upper part of the road continues till X: 10,000

List of people who made it to X500 after June 2016:Edit


2. AM12




6. KicktheKurt

7. Landon

8. Collin Roberts

9. GoodDays

10. XnfAJ

11. LSD

So far only three people have made it to X1500 and nobody has made it to X4000, excluding TailsDoll, however haydenwest plans to break this record.